Friday, August 5, 2016

Because, You are You

And I am me.

Funny how things have changed.
It is even funnier when the person you hate the most, now, becoming otherwise.

You are literally addicted to them.
I am literally addicted to him, to you.

The hesitation. The thinking. The sudden stop before asnwering. The trying-not-to-smile. The concentration. The hypercritical. The objective. The resistant. The talk. The smart.

The you.

Only if saying I am falling for you is easy.
And only if you have the same feeling.
And only if this is possible.

Because, I am almost certain it is not, you are not.

I don't know which is weirder.

Me, fall for you.
Or you, can't feel me already fall for you.

Yeah, I like you.
I just pretend I don't.