Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Only if you can see the fire is burning through my hair slowly coming inside to my body, and silently stab my heart which is full of gas. You know, the fire (even the heat) will never be best friend with the gas; the petrol?

The fire is harm on its own.
The petrol is not. 

But when you mix these both, whamppp!

So, stop!

Stop telling me what to do. Stop directing  my life. Stop complaining every single thing about me because now you are the fire. And I, I am the petrol. We will never be bestfriend. You are harmful even when you're alone. Don't drag me in. Don't even come closer to me. The heat of yours can trigger another full blast of fire, which clearly cause more damage.

I'm damaged already.

So, stop!

Just stop!

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