Saturday, September 10, 2011


I want to change, so I always remember the advices pretty well. I keep it very sensitive especially the bad one. Now, every step I'm making, I've been haunted with all the past hurting comments which few of them clearly nonsense.

The smile shouldn't be there.
Do not giggles.
Don't show off your happiness here and now.
You look terrible.
You'll never change.
Your attitude is permanent.

Nobody can remove the scars that bleeding again now. Nobody, can undo it. Silently I cry. Despite all the complimentary comments I received from all the people I've met along the way, I still crying inside. No matter what I do, the past keep on laughing at me. You did the worst, and you'll never be better in the future.

I keep on asking on how words form the superior could change my life drastically. But, I persuade my heart that life will getting better because I am a lot stronger from now on. It is soothing a bit.

You hurt me, I won't take revenge. Hurting isn't easier, but once you do it, it will never be difficult in the future. I'll try not to hurt people, I won't let it to repeat itself on me either.

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